Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bookmaking Workshop... and other things!

In my other life, I teach middle school.

All of the students at my school are reading various Shakespeare plays in Language Arts right now-- the sixth grade is reading Twelfth Night, the seventh grade Romeo and Juliet, and the eighth grade Taming of the Shrew. To cap this off, we're having essentially a very tiny renfaire in about a week, which is going to be awesomely insane-- I have to finish repairing my costume, help kids make books, finish planning the event, and hope like heck that the singer gets back to us.

In craft-related news:
  • I held a bookmaking workshop with the sixth graders! Two of them, actually: the first one was on hardbound books sewn on tapes. I should have remembered how insane that is, having done it with the seventh grade last year, but alas. None of the kids finished their books in the workshop, and I have no had time to show them how to finish the case. The second went much better-- we made perfect bound books, and everyone finished! The books were cute! The kids were happy!
  • Knitting, knitting, knitting-- I sat down this weekend with a ball of yarn and ended up with a hat. I'm going to re-knit it in a size that will actually fit humans, and we'll see if we can't get some photos up.
  • Cooking: oh man, have I been cooking. I know that it isn't strictly a craft, but I have been having so much fun in the kitchen. Look out for a recipe post at some point soon.
That, I believe, is all!

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