Monday, July 13, 2009

A Victorious Return!

I returned from five days in Ashland, OR today and brought with me new water bottle, a couple rings and of course, some yarn. Really, I only got a single skein!

After wandering around the local textile-whores' paradise last Thursday I had an armful of all sorts of beautiful yarns, everything from merino and alpaca to linen and silk. Considering the damage it would do to my already slim pocketbook I begrudgingly tried to whittle down the stash to a skein or two. I was stuck and couldn't make up my mind when my Boy handed me yet another skein of something soft and beautiful. But this time I didn't just add it to the pile, I put all the rest back and bought my skein of beautiful Linares Sportweight Yarn (colorweigh 508).

The boy and I had been looking at patterns together and I had a sort of vision of what I want to make. I cast on too many stitches the first time becasue I hadn't found a pattern i liked yet and had to frog it all back but now I'm well on my way to knitting a light hat for cool summer and
autumn evenings in California. I'm done with the ribbing but now I need to go get myself stitchmarkers since the ones we bought in Oregon seem to have stayed With the Boy's knitting, not mine.

Of course the trip up was not made amazing by the yarn alone. Thursday night we went to see the Oregon Shakespeare Company's production of Macbeth. It was awesome!!! The seats were front row and it's by chance alone we didn't get spit on by the actors. Peter macon was an amazing Macbeth and his performance was just as good as his performance of Othello which we saw last year. I stand by my statement of the last several years: the 8 hour drive and $50 tickets (now you know why I was strappd for cash) is definitely worth it. Check out for more info on this season's shows. I highly suggest going.

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