Monday, November 16, 2009

So it's been ages!

I haven't been up to all that much, craft-wise: I knit a sweater in late September, I set up my loom (mostly-- it's missing a few parts, and I spend a few days in August finishing all of my half-completed books.

I started to work on some small dolls for the upcoming craft fair (December 12! Please come, if you're in the area!), and realised that I'd forgotten how *many* different things you need to make them. I mean, knitting: you've got needles, yarn, *maybe* stitch markers/holders. In dollmaking, you need needles, thread, cloth for the skin, sockinet for the head, stuffing, pins, a pencil/marker, scissors... I kept almost being ready, and then figuring out that I'd forgotten about thing X. But if all goes well, there will be at least six small dolls (under 6") available for sale at the fair, along with the books, yarn, and needlefelting.

I'll try and get some pictures of the loom-- I moved in August into a real! house!, in which I finally have space to set up all of my crafts, including the four-harness jack loom that's been living above my parent's garage for the last six years. My mother, art quilter Susan Else, started out as a weaver and a spinner, which is where I got my interest from. However, by the time that I started being interested in anything beyond sewing, she'd forgotten how to spin! I remember the year that I got a spinning wheel for christmas-- she tried to show me how, and didn't tell me to separate out and pull the rolag. This did, of course, lead to some *very* thick yarn. I've been spinning, just a bit, recently. I dyed some merino a very pale pink-- it's not quite the baby-butt pink that SinSpinner did, but it's still pretty pale. I'm going to try and finish that week, I think. Pictures will happen... at some point.

School continues, as it always does. I'm running the Student Council here, and this year, students decided to have a Skate Night. It went very well! We're likely to have one again this spring. I hope that all of you out in blog-space are having a fall (nearly) as full as mine is-- there's certainly never a dull moment!

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