Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monarch Craft Fair

We went to the Monarch Community Craft Show yesterday. It was really nice. We went last year and there were a lot of the same wonderful venders there this year. We were actually even invited to be in a craft fair in Santa Cruz next weekend! I have to get the exact date from Hedgerose before I post the information though. We met a lot of really nice people.
A woman came by our booth and told us that her husband had bought on of Hedgerose's books last year and given it to her for Christmas. She took it with her to Italy and back and now it is her traveling journal. We were thrilled to here that our creations had gone so far and were being loved.
Like all craft fairs it seems, this one was a bit of an adventure to get to. (Hedgerose can smack me for that proposition at the end of that sentence later.) I had gone down to L.A. to see my family for Thanksgiving, so had just gotten off of a plane. Elderbeast (brother of Warebeast), had volunteered to come get me from the airport and drove me down to Santa Cruz, saving me a bazillon hours on the bus. O.k. like 2 or 3, but still a huge difference. However, Hedgerose and her housemates win. One of their housemates fainted in the kitchen and they had to call 911. The upside to this however is that they assure me that the fireman was extremely hot; every cloud has a silver lining. All in all, however, it was a very enjoyable day. Details about next weekend's craft show to come shortly.

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