Monday, November 3, 2008

So I've been doing this thing this year, where I decided that everyone is going to get socks for Christmas, and because the economy stinks and I am paying a lot of money to be able to tell people I am a librarian, I am knitting them all from stash. This is different than normal because a) I decided early what people would be getting, b) I followed through and actually knit at a rate that wouldn't leave me crippled, and c) I didn't buy a whole bunch of supplies for Christmas. This had the effect of leaving me sane and with functioning wrists, allowing me to still pay for January's rent, and reducing my stash into something more manageable.

However, I was struck last night when I combed my stash for sock yarn and finished socks. I have almost enough socks for everyone and an entire Trader Joe's bag full of just sock yarn. This post a 80 day yarn diet. Sheesh. It looks like there will be more yarn dieting. I cracked a few days ago, intending to only get yarn for a pair of socks for a friend (he wanted a particular color I didn't have) and suddenly there was a lot of yarn. It was like when you take a spoon of ice cream and then the carton was gone. I would blame it on the wool fumes, but you can't do that online.

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