Sunday, December 7, 2008

O man!  Today we saw a sheep shearing!  It was awesome.  It was actually like a mile and a half from my house.  The farm is called Sheepie Dreams Organic Farm.  They were shearing and selling wool, honey, and beeswax salve. They don't seem to have a website.  

On to the shearing. First they would grab a sheep by one of the back legs and pull it towards them.  The sheep struggled a bit as it hopped towards the shearer but once they were in position, they seemed resigned and sat there fairly patiently while being sheared.  They really lost an amazing amount of mass from the shearing.  Hedgerose will post pictures when she gets home.  

Then we went to Luminous Threads, a yarn store in Felton,  at the recommendation of the farm owner, who is friends with the owner.  It was a very nice store.  It wasn't just yarn, there was also cloth and buttons and such.  There were beautiful quilts on the walls and a wonderful display in the window.  The owner was very nice and chatted with us about all the things that we do and were planning to do.  We actually saw her briefly at the sheeping, so we talked about that too.  

On the way home, there was a cop following us with its lights flashing. We pulled over and it passed us and then about a mile later we passed a horse trailer that had veered off of the road.  We thought that a woman stopping traffic was trying to get a ride to the town, so we turn around and ended stuck for about half an hour.  The horses were fine as far as we could see and Hedgerose and I discussed how we could expand our etsy store and eventually getting some sort of physical location or something.  Very far in the future, with me still in school and the economy the way it is, in addition to Code Monkey discussing possibly moving to Seattle in around 5 years.  Hedgerose wants to make sure that we are legally sound, with permits and such as well.  Getting fancy.   However, for the time being, I'm going to work on Christmas knitting and finish all my school work.  

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