Friday, January 9, 2009

Now that all the christmas knitting is done, I've been focusing on spinning. Well, there was a brief foray back into Knitting County for a hat for me out of necessity and one glove for my partner.  However, that one glove took three attempts that were fully pulled out and two more ripped back part-way.  He has bizarre alien hands.  While I recover enough to finish the other glove, I spin.

So far I have spun two bobbins of the merino wool that Hedgerose and I like and am now just starting on the fiber I bought from the sheep shearing.  It is Romney wool. I like it so far.  It is spinning up fairly easily and thinly. It is a little rougher than merino, but then there isn't much that isn't.  And it has the added benefit of being bought directly from the people who owned and sheared the sheep.  

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