Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello all! Thanks for having me!

I should introduce myself. I'm SinSpinner, the new addition to WildWoodYarn. I live with Riastiltskin  in Santa Cruz and have known her for several years now. She introduced me to Hedgerose some months back and I love crafting with both of them. Both Riastiltskin and Hedgerose have taught me a lot. 

In fact, Riastiltskin taught to me spin a while back and Hedgerose taught me to needle-felt only a bit more than a week ago. I've gone totally nuts about it. I always get really enthusiastic about new crafts but felting seems to have grabbed my attention even more strongly than usual.  It's so much fun! It might be my favorite craft so far.

I do have other interests. Really! I swear! I love the woods and picnics and hiking. My love for the outdoors is why I'm pursuing environmental studies at the University here. School is always difficult, but coming home and stabbing the ever loving fluff out of some fiber with a small barbed needle and turning it into something substantial it really fulfilling. I can take an hour and make a radish or a slice of fruit. I think that's pretty cool. 

Crazy as it sounds I'm also an early to bed type by comparison. While Riastiltskin is still up dancing to musical soundtracks, I've got to hit the sack. I have class in the morning! Eek!


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