Monday, June 22, 2009

A new plan!

Ria and I have been schemeing. Since my spinning-wheel is still in repairs, my spinning is slooooow work. However, I love to dye stuff. On the other hand Ria feels her color sense isn't up to snuff (I think she's come up with some cool stuff but whatever) but she spinns like spider.

WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED... We're going to put out a new line of yarns. Dyed by me and spun by Ria. Inspired by my lover-boy's passion for dragons, I've given this line of yarns a theme! Our first colorway, "Dragon's hide" is a dark mottle of blood reds and midnight blues with greens and browns throughout. The roving is pictured at the right.

I am also going to be putting out a line of hand dyed sock yarns in a faerie theme in the near future. I'll be doing some research into faerie mythology before I get started on this project but I suspect it'll give me a wide range of themes to work with.

Now I've got a craft day to get back to! It's going to be a productive day with everyone here.

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