Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phase two!

Phase two, the spinning begins.  I sat down and got a 2 ply skein of light fingering weight yarn spun up today.   

 Here is the first bobbin of it spun before plying. 

We have a buttload more of roving to spin.  Freya dyed an entire pound. It is superwash though, so it is spinning up slightly differently. I am really enjoying it.  In addition to the pound of dragon that I am working on that is slowly taking over my life and room, I have a few updates on personal projects.  I went to Maker Faire about a month ago and bought a oz braid of roving that was solar dyed, a process that we are thinking of exploring here at Wildwoodyarn.  I didn't get around to getting Freya to take a picture of it before I spun it, since she is far better about pictures and the blogging, but here is it all spun up.  
I am not sure what I want to do with it yet.  I think I want to make something for my friend that took me to Maker Faire, but I'm not sure what.  However, it will have to take the back burner while I get our new color-ways spun up.

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