Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Craft-fair Goodness!

As some of you know, the Monarch Craft Fair at Louden Nelson in Santa Cruz was this past weekend and WildWoodYarn attended in full force! Apparently the only thing that wasn't really full enough was our inventory of felted critters! Brianna had made a whole menagerie and I'd brought a couple of my pieces as well as a mass of felted Christmas ornaments and I sold all but a couple ornaments, and Brianna did even better with her creatures! Ria and Sarah both did well too.

Best of all we made contacts and spread our name to people interested in our crafts.

Beyond just our inventory, we came across several people interested in learning the skills we have and we're interested in teaching a workshop or two! These are fairly informal since none of us are experts however some of us are teachers of one sort or another. We love what we do and want to pass these skills on to others who are curious about bookbinding, felting, spinning and dyeing. For this reason we're taking a tally of who'd like to attend a small class and what subject should be first.

Lets have some feedback guys!

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