Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nom Nom Noro

Sunday I went out with the Boy's family and his lovely mother bought me two skeins of Noro Silk Garden. it's colorweight 243 which says nothing. Lameness for not naming colors you Noro gods! Its a pretty pink green purple blackish blueish grey ball of yumminess.

Silk Garden is a lot rougher to work with than I expected for being 45% silk so I guess it must be the wool. I don't know if I call really call it an allergy. More of a sensitivity. Wool makes me itch and gives me this wonky rash sometimes. I'm getting so sidetracked there.

Point is I cast on the Entrelac scarf which is a SOB to keep up with. So much counting. I feel like a kindergartener trying to remember what comes after 5. "Is the next one seven? Or is it six?" I guess I need to get one of those counter gadgets that will help me remember. A tiny little brain for the numbers to stay in. I never was any good at keeping track of numbers. It's like hearding cats for me. I've needed a new number-brain my whole life and now I've got an excuse to buy one!

If only I wasn't so broke.


Taine said...

I find this post amusing due to receiving two skeins of Noro Silk Garden in color 270 and using one of them to make the Quant headband from Knitty.com, which is also entrelac. Also, here's a pretty good site for pulling color card links for Noro yarns.

riastiltskein said...

Thanks for the link!