Thursday, April 22, 2010


I know we have been kind of quiet over here and the etsy hasn't been updated in a while, but we have been working on something. We have offically been invited to be in the inDIYpendent culture faire in Napa on May 15 and 16th.

Here is the offical blurb: This two-day, family-friendly event celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) movement and embraces all art forms. There will be a marketplace of craft and food vendors, art installations, stages for performances, live sidewalk art, workshops, and information booths. 100% of proceeds go to the Community Venue Project to make space for alternative art in Napa.

Check our fan page ( ) for updates and details on schedules and participants.

We have been running around getting the paper work filled out, (Hello San Francisco and your $3 for 15 minutes parking) and building up inventory. We will be adding a few new items, most notably a spindle kit. Come check us out!

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