Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball Game

Yesterday Hedgerose and I met up and had a wonderful day! She called me a few days ago and told me that her father had gotten tickets to Saturday's Giants game but couldn't go so she had free tickets. She took the train up from Santa Cruz and I got on the same train up in San Carlos. We got off the train and walked over to the ferry building. Now, since Hedgerose usually puts her foodie posts on her personal blog, you might not know that she is a complete and total foodie. So the Ferry Building was like she had died and gone to heaven. We walked around the whole building and looked at everything. We got there a little too late and missed the farmer's market, but it was still excellent. There is a whole booth for salted pig parts, which I thought was hysterical, as that was the actual name. I didn't get anything there, having headed down the herbivore path, but I did get this amazing cheese at the Cowgirl Creamery. It was a creamy spread with apricots and walnuts in it. Hedgerose got some hard cheese as well and we took all our booty back to the game.

We gave ourselves a lot longer to walk back from the Ferry Building but when we got back to the stadium, there was a huge line to get in. When we finally got up to the front, it turned out that they were giving out bobble-heads of Pablo Sandival. So I got one.

Now, I grew up a Dodgers fan. My dad always listened to the games on the radio and we went to a game every year. I feel that baseball is one of those things that you are born into, like religion or politics. Now there are always converts, but often, it is a tradition that you are filling. We root for the Dodgers because my dad listened to games with his grandfather. It is a family tradition. So, when I went to the Giants (the hated ones) game, I felt vaguely dirty. Like I was cheating or something. I had a great time, but it only helped that guilty feeling get bigger. All and all, it was a wonderful day.

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