Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Post!

Because food and yarn are totally the same thing.

Well, I haven't been working with fiber a lot (aside from almost finishing a pair or two of socks-- I'll post pictures someday, I swear!), but I have been cooking a lot!

This weekend, I went down to LA for my younger brother's college graduation (congratulations, Daniel!), and I stayed an extra day so that we could hang out. Well, one of the things that my brother and I like to do a lot is cook! So, we drove to the nearest nomful supermarket (they had pine nuts for $20/pound!! It's at least $35/pound up here! SO JEALOUS!), and ended up making scallops for lunch.

To be specific, we made baked scallops with prosciutto, pesto, and toast. (Or, you know, rustic pesto and pan-fried bread, if you're being pretentious. Which I sometimes am.) The pesto involved a lot of chopping (Daniel managed to cut himself somehow) because my brother's household doesn't own any sort of food processor. Then we cooked the scallops (sear and bake!), wrapped them in prosciutto, and put them and the pesto on toast.

It was incredibly delicious! I'm looking forward to cooking more with him this summer-- it should be a lot of fun.

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