Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knitting lesson

Freya, the Boy, Warebeast, and I were all watching Bones when the Boy noticed that Warebeast was the only one not knitting. I have showed him a few times how to knit and he has a project at my house. It is just a blue garter stitch random square-ish thing. Now, I knit backwards. Well, backwards is not the right word. Technically, it is called Combination knitting and the main difference is that the every knit stitch is knit through the back loop, which functionally makes the twist backwards and patterns harder to read. I learned how to crochet before I learned how to knit, and knitting through the back loop makes more sense to me in that crossover.
Back to this evening. Of course, when I showed Warebeast how to knit, I showed him my way. I think it is an easier way for him to learn. He is very mechanically inclined and I thought a way that showed what was happening with the yarn would be a preferable method to one that was easier to maneuver.
However, with 3 people all showing him different ways to knit and each expressing strong opinions about which way was best, no one noticed that Warebeast had quietly set down the knitting and gone back to coding. Here is the project of much contention.

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