Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cat Yarn

So I went back and watched the kid that likes the spinning wheel. Of course I brought the spinning wheel and he watched me spin for a while. He likes to treadle for me while I draft the fiber. I think he is less interested in the fiber than the spinning wheel and all the mechanical parts. He does however have a knitting bag with a loom though, which is adorable.
He had saved a bag of cat hair for me and asked if we could spin it. The short answer is no. We tried. I think it could have been possible given a few parameters: a long haired cat or carders. Halfway through the attempt at spinning the cat hair, I decided that it would be much easier if I mixed in some wool. However, I hadn't brought my carders and we couldn't find the cat brush, so I just sorta did it by hand, which wasn't terribly successful. We managed to get a little spun, but on the whole it was not terribly successful. So now when people ask me if you can spin cat hair, I know the answer: not easily.

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