Sunday, January 9, 2011

Om nom nom!

I went over to Sarah's (Hedgerose) house and crafted and ate. That woman is an amazing cook. She has a food blog at She made me risotto. I chose not to eat many meats, but I do still eat seafood. She made scallop risotto with a crab broth that was amazing!

I spun some on the fleece from my uncle. I am liking the way it is spinning up. It is a shorter staple than I'm used to, in large part because these sheep were raised for meat. However, I really like the light gray color that it spins up to be and I love that it is from my uncle. It is going very slowly. I broke the belt on the drum carder and haven't gotten a new one yet. I also haven't been spinning as much as normally lately. I got a little burnt out over December.

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