Monday, February 1, 2010

New House!

So Sinspinner and I have moved!  We are no located in San Carlos, which is on the San Francisco Peninsula, near the train.  We have a yarn closet! When we were looking at the place, Sinspinner opened in the closet and squeed, much to the landlord's surprise, and and said look! a yarn closet!" The landlord looked a little stunned, but I think it might have helped us get the place.  Here is the yarn closet in all of its glory.  

It has actually become a storage for all fiber-y goodness. We have unspun roving, dye, yarn to dye and sewing stuff in the yarn closet, but still, I find it awesome that we can have a yarn closet.

Archie has moved into the house and has found himself an nice corner to call home.  I can sit and spin and look out the window or listen to podcasts.


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